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29 Signs You Were a Skater Kid In The Early ’00s

After we all survived the millennium bug and the hysteria of Y2K, a whole subculture arrived full of aggression, passion and really, really large clothes.

What were we thinking?

1. You spent days learning how to ‘ollie’

And having dreams of greatness.



2. Took a ride with your mate on his BMX stunt pegs

3. And stole sick dust caps to go on them

4. You were mesmerized by Tony Hawk pulling off the 900

5. Then spent your entire summer playing Tony Hawk’s Underground on the PS2

What a soundtrack.

6. Bragged about the ‘pop’ you had on your skateboard

As well as your new stickers.

7. Bought skate wax

How else are you going to 5-0 grind on a curb?

 8. And experienced the eventual resignation that you couldn’t skate

“Guess I can just blade instead.”

9. Watched Jackass and Dirty Sanchez 



10. As well as South Park

11. You probably bought a skater video on VHS and never watched it

12. And had a wallet attached to your jeans via a chain

13. You definitely owned a pair of shoes like this.

Needlessly big tongue.



14. You bought specific ABEC bearings to make you go faster

And knowing the one shop in town where you could pick them up.

15. Wore short-sleeve shirts over long-sleeve shirts

…over short-sleeve shirts.

16. Owned a mini-disc player

17. And used to search for abandoned graffiti cans

You needed to get your “tag” out there.



18. Went to a skate park and just watched people

While your Mum waited in the car park.

19. Complained about how your local park didn’t have a vert ramp

Which was then built right next to where the Townies played football.

20. You definitely then smashed your tailbone trying to skate it

Must’ve been something to do with the ABECs.

21. Watched Kerrang TV after school

Slipknot, Avril Lavigne, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Sum 41, Green Day, Marilyn Manson, System of a Down etc.



22. Hated people who rode scooters

So lame.

23. You grew your hair out

24. And had a weird wristband thing with spikes on it

25. You wore incredibly baggy jeans

Bonus points for wearing a skater belt that you let hang out as well.



26. When you weren’t skating you spent your weekends hanging out on the High Street

27. Or running from Townies

28. You remember the moment you realised NME sounded exactly the same as the word ‘enemy’

29. As well as when this song dropped

If I die before I wake at least in heaven I can skate.



Heaven is a halfpipe.


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