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31 Things You Probably Should’ve Done While You Were a Student at Kent

University is a time to broaden horizons and discover things that are missing from your small town high street. Unfortunately, despite how hard you try, plans invariably go awry.

Here is a list of the things you definitely should’ve done while in the Garden of England but didn’t. Westgate ‘spoons just got in the way.

1. Walked around the Cathedral.

It’s free, it’s almost a thousands years old, Thomas Beckett got shanked in there and you only visit it on Graduation Day. Worst of all, who even remembers Graduation day after a farewell night out in The Venue?



2. And you definitely never actually bought fudge from the shop next door.

Everyone feigns interest but as soon as that free sample comes over you’re out of there.

3. Or gone on the Canterbury Tales tour.

You definitely ate fish & chips next door though.

4. Started your night out in Woody’s bar.

No matter how many times you promised your one friend in Parkwood.

5. Held a house party on campus that lasted past midnight.

Still not lovin’ Campus Watch.

6. Built any successful relationship outside The Venue at 3am.

You know what I mean.

7. Or worked out what the hell these buildings are all about.


8. Made a day trip to France.

Canterbury West to Ashford International, Ashford International to Lille. Less than 2 hours.

9. You never set foot in Keyne’s accommodation.

Who even lives there?

10. Watched something in The Gulbenkian.

£10 cinema ticket versus a night out.

11. Or saw something in the Marlowe Theatre.

Drinking a pint in the Canterbury Tales across the road doesn’t count for anything.

12. Appreciated the J.M.W Turner gallery in Margate.

Not only does it have a sandy beach, but perhaps the best gallery outside of London.

13. Or even visited Whitstable.

Pint of Spitfire at The Old Neptune and the best view in Kent.


14. You also definitely missed the Whitstable Oyster festival.

15. You never learned who all the college’s are named after.

T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Rutherford, Charles Darwin, Samuel Beckett, John Maynard Keynes etc.

16. Didn’t take the Erasmus year option.

It’s called “The UK’s European University” for a reason.

17. Visited Leeds castle.

No, it’s not actually in Leeds.

18. You never visited Dickens’ house in Broadstairs.

It’s not just an old seaside town where your parents went on holiday as a child.

19. You never bought something from this guy.


20. …or from Pure Magick. 

21. You never went for a walk along Deal, Dover, Sandwich or Herne Bay.

22. You also rejected those charming guys selling river tours every single day.

A gentle sail down the river Stour will have to wait.

23. And your student impulses always stopped you enjoying some jazz in Bramley’s Cocktail Bar.

Let’s just say that Valencia White Wine in Essentials is kinder on the wallet.

24. But that doesn’t excuse you for always ignoring the Crepe Guy on the High Street.

It’s not just for young, French students on a day trip.

25. You never found out what’s inside this building.

All those years and never once did you step inside.


26. You never visited Joseph Conrad’s grave.

It’s 5 minutes from campus. Philistines.

27. The same goes for the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge.

No, it is not Sirius Black’s house.

28. Did you ever learn the name of your Head of School?

29. Or speak to someone in the Career’s Centre and sign up to Kent JobShop?

Somewhere near Keynes ain’t it.

30. You never once sang “I’m [college name] till I die” and sincerely believed it.

31. And you definitely never completed this impossible campus labyrinth.



Three years isn’t enough.

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