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32 Times You Completely Failed at Being an Adult

Adult life is hard. That’s probably why we fail so bad at it.

1. When you didn’t know where to put the detergent in the washing machine.

2. And every time you gave up and took your laundry to your parents.

3. When you didn’t know how to set the timer on the central heating.

4. When you had to call someone to ask if you can reheat rice.

5. And when you were unsure of how much rice you can even eat.

6. When you decided that curtains are too expensive and your house doesn’t need them anyway.

7. That time you couldn’t remember your NI number.

8. Whenever you tried to fold your clothes.

9. When you bought more underwear instead of doing washing.

10. Every time you said food was too expensive but then bought loads of alcohol.

11. When you didn’t understand the value of stamps.

12. And had to walk out of the Post Office because it was all too confusing.

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13. When you didn’t know how many centimetres a duvet cover is.

14. Every time you killed a plant.

15. When you didn’t know how to tie a tie, take up a skirt or do any sort of mildly technical clothing task.

16. When you went to Starbucks for the free WiFi.


17. When you asked your parents what a P60 is and if they knew where yours was.

18. That time you got your hair cut by a family member.

19. Every time you went to bed past 2am.

20. When you thought it was acceptable to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

21. When you decided not to buy an iron because reasons.

22. When you thought jam sandwiches were a legit meal.

23. That time you feared for your safety because you had to change a lightbulb.

24. That time you visited your parents and returned with a bag of food from their freezer.



25. When you couldn’t join in the conversation at work because who has time to watch the news?

26. When your parents asked if they could take you off their car insurance and you resisted.

27. When you got the water:cordial ratio wrong but drank it anyway.

28. Every night out you’ve had where you ignored your alcohol limit.

29. When you tried to use your long-out-of-date student card just to get 10% off.

30. That week you had takeout nearly every night because the kitchen was a no-go zone.

31. Every time you watched more than 4 episodes in a row on Netflix.

32. And whenever people came to you for help.


Your personal life may be lacking, but your professional one shouldn’t be. 


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