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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The University of York’s Official Club Nights

All of York’s clubs are good! If you’re having a bad night or experience, don’t blame the club itself – it might be the people you went out with… Jokes aside, the club staff all work extra hard to make your night better and every club in York has something unique to offer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the official weekly UOY club nights this year. 

Entourage Tuesdays at Kuda.

Main room pic via

Kuda Main Room, via

Kuda has the best reputation in York and Kuda on a Tuesday is definitely the biggest regular night because of the different genres of music it has on offer. It also has five different bars – more than any other club – which means less time wasted queueing for drinks.

Dress: Smart casual. Usually girls dress up for Kuda.

Music: Main Room is Commercial/Dance/House, Tiki Bar is RnB/Hip Hop and Mambo Lounge is Deep House.

Sports and Society Wednesdays at Club Salvation.


Salvo is too messy for any interior photos, via

Salvation on a Wednesday is a MUST if you’re into sports! Every sport society is out and it’s a great chance to meet new people by spotting them in their sports kit and fancy dress. It’s always sweaty and messy but somehow everyone still has fun.

Dress: Fancy dress, rugby lads wear suits.

Music: Main Room is Commercial, Upstairs is Old School and ’90s.

Throwback Thursdays at Fibbers and Bier Keller.

fibbers york

Fibbers Main Bar via

Formerly known as Toyko (and still owned by Tokyo Industries), Fibbers arrived with a bang last year and have now launched this brand new Uni of York night. If you’re into old school tunes it’s the place to be! It’s also the most alternative of the four venues on this list, having gone through a major refurbishment last year.

Dress: Cool, casual.

Music: Main Room is nostalgic Hip Hop/Garage tunes, Bier Keller is Indie Disco.

Sundays at Revolution. 


Downstairs Revs, via

Where else would you go?! Revolution on a Sunday is basically a chance for you all to dress up! It’s classy and you just can’t turn down a menu of over 100 different shots and cocktails. Sunday nights at Revs wouldn’t be complete without a red carpet reception, accompanied by a must-have Revs photo. Plus, there’s sometimes shisha on the terrace.

Dress: Smart and sharp. Suits and dresses.

Music: Main room is Commercial/Classics, Upstairs is RnB/Hip Hop/Funk.

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Beyond this short list there are, of course, other venues and other events going on every night of the week. 

So go have fun, explore and don’t forget to try all the shots in Revs!

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