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24 Instagrams That Prove Bath Is The Best Place To Be a Student

As a World Heritage site, it’s not hard to see why two universities have made Bath their home.

1. You can spend sunny days by the Royal Crescent. 

2. Or in Victoria Park.


A photo posted by Chris Parsons (@chrispyarsons) on

3. Where you can watch hot air balloons take off.

4. Simply walking around the city will make you happy.

5. Even the freezing weather has its benefits.

6. The Christmas markets are *great*.

7. Bath is home to the best weir in the country.

#autumn #bathcity #bath #bathweir @jeanniecockerill

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8. The Rec is the nicest rugby ground there is.

The prettiest rugby ground @bathrugby 🔵⚫️⚪️ #bath #rugby #winners #comeonyoubath #therec #christmas

A photo posted by Hannah Patmore (@hannahpatmore) on

9. Thermae Bath Spa takes relaxing to new heights.

There was a wonderful sunset on the Rooftop Pool this evening! #sunset #Spa #Bath #Rooftoppool

A photo posted by Thermae Bath Spa (@thermae_bath_spa) on

10. And sunsets in Bath are a whole other level of pretty.


A photo posted by Nick Cox (@coxysnaps) on

11. So much so, you don’t even need a filter.

12. You can cycle all over the city. For free.

13. You never run out of interesting things to do.

Steaming hot Roman baths, natural spring water at over 40 degrees 😍🐳 #bathspa #2000yearsold

A photo posted by Misha Patel ➰ (@misha.p89) on

14. You can walk past the stunning Abbey on a regular basis.

15. Even more impressive on the inside.

16. You never get bored of seeing this guy.

Promoting a comedy walking tour. You know I was just yuckin' it up. #dryhumor #kneeslapper

A photo posted by Heidi Rose Shahan (@heidi_roses) on

17. Bath Spa easily has the most scenic campus in the country.

Hot air balloon over the Newton Park campus. A lovely sight at the end of freshers' week 2015.

A photo posted by Bath Spa University (@bathspauni) on

18. And Uni of Bath has some of the best facilities.


A photo posted by Giulia Kapner (@giuliakapner) on

19. Regardless of which university you attend, you’re always guaranteed a top night in Komedia on a Saturday.

#Motorcity #Motown #KomediaBath #GrownUpFinalYears

A photo posted by ALANA MEDFORTH 🍉 (@admedforth) on

20. And let’s not forget the return of Moles.

21. You’re not too far from Bristol if you’re in the mood to explore. 

22. Or Bradford-on-Avon, the Shire of the South West.

23. You’re bound to miss Bath when you leave.

Cheers Bath…. It's been a pleasure <3 #bath #fieldsofgold #sting #clouds #lovelyjubbly

A photo posted by Nick Cox (@coxysnaps) on

24. Because who can deny: Bath is the best.

Such a beautiful city and so much to see… Image by @photosofbritain

A photo posted by Fingal Ross (@eatdancetravel) on

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