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13 Things You’ll Know To Be True If You’re a Fresher at UCL

Oh hey, Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton.

1. You just can’t quite get over this sight.

(You’re lying if you say you haven’t taken a photo of this for social media.)

2. Nor this one.

Hogwarts. AKA The Cruciform.

Cruciform 🙂

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3. How much of a lifesaver the UCL Go app is.

You can never get around without it.


4. How easy it is to get sidetracked by the library.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

5. Or get lost in it.

At least it’s somewhere beautiful.

Library views 📚 #ucl #london

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6. Spotting this guy during your walk to class was weird at first but now it kind of makes your day.

Yes, it’s really Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton in a wax figure.

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7. There’s always something happening in the quad.

So if you’ve got an hour to spare in between classes, you know where to go.

head outside to the quad right now if you want some fresh lemonade

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8. Being a little overwhelmed by how many bars and cafés there are.

Have lunch at the Print Room Café, followed by post-class drinks at Phineas.

9. Thursdays are all about Bloomsbury Square Farmers Market.

Even if you’re sure to bump into some Birkbeck or SOAS students there too.

A bit of everything #London #bloomsbury #uni #lunch #farmersmarket

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10. If you’re a postgrad fresher, Graduate Hub is your new favourite place.

With a kitchen and computers, it’s now your new home, and the envy of all the undergrads (sorry!)


11. Tavistock Square and Gordon Square aren’t too bad either.

Reading, studying, or having lunch (with Ghandi at Tavistock) – these hidden gems should’ve been on the campus tours!

#gandhi #peace

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12. You’ve already decided this is pretty much the best place to be a student.

13. And you’re not sure you’ll ever be ready to leave.

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