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16 Things You’ll Really Miss About the University of Westminster When You Leave

Leaving university can be a very sad time, especially when you go to the University of Westminster.

1. Spending all of your time in central London.

God bless the #Queen

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2. And how easy it is to travel from campus to wherever you want to go.

Never get sick of seeing this! 😍 #london #tubinit #inlove #bestcampus

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3. The stunning university architecture.

Westminster university ceiling #photography #london #univeristy #westminster #architecture #gothic #golden #history #glassceiling

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4. And its incredible heritage.


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5. As well as *actually* impressive alumni.

University students who made it 🎹🎼🎹🎼🎹

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6. Going to this place.

Monday work mornings #Undercroft #Uni #nevertooearly 🍻

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7. And looking forward to the Boat Party at the end of every year.

8. Having your own cinema.

Cheeky movie on a school night!

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9. And the uni’s on point approach to combating exam stress.


10. The April Fools’ Day pranks.

11. And occasionally seeing celebrities in and around campus.

12. As well as the odd Banksy piece.

No big deal.

"If graffiti changed anything it would be illegal." BANKSY 💥

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13.  Working from rooms with views of central London like this.

View from my room. 😍 #London

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14. And knowing you’re only a stone’s throw from the ultimate British tourist attractions.

Framed – My London Chronicles

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15. Goodbye, Westminster. 👋

Can't believe how in a months time I'll be done with uni foreveeeer. #stilldumbtho

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16. We’ll miss you.


#Summer #London

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