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This Student Wrote Her Dissertation On Beyoncé And We Have Never Been More Jealous

Ever thought about how great it would be to be able to write your dissertation on something you’re really interested in? Not just a topic you like in your degree, but one that really speaks to you personally.

Now imagine taking it to a whole new level and writing your dissertation on, let’s say… Beyoncé? Well, imagine no more, because someone has done just that.

Yes, Molly Inglis, a student at Warwick University decided to write her dissertation on the one and only Queen B.

As a Sociology student, Inglis wanted to explore the ways in which Beyoncé created her own range of feminism in what she called, and titled her dissertation, “What is ‘Beyoncé Feminism’?”


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While many people argue that Beyoncé isn’t a feminist at all, Inglis analysed the song lyrics in Beyoncé’s last two albums to demonstrate that there are actually lots of signs that show she is.

Inglis told The Tab Warwick: “I was able to see what mattered most to the singer and what she was doing to try to spread her message and make a difference.”

When it comes to women’s sexuality and Beyoncé’s celebration of it, Inglis added: “I loved the way she promotes women having sex for their own pleasure, doing something purely for the good of themselves, instead of for men or for the people around them.”

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Inglis has said that if she were to do a follow up project, she would love to analyse Beyoncé’s music videos, especially those from Lemonade because “they’re so rich and show a lot about her feminist views.”

Best of luck, Molly! 👏👏👏

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