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10 Extreme Lengths Students Will Go To Just To Protect Their Food at Uni

When it comes to food, there’s pretty much no length a student won’t go to in order to make sure their housemates stay away.

1. Writing passive aggressive notes.

Nothing says “back tf off my food” better than a sticky note placed in clear view of the suspected perpetrator. Of course, you can write whatever you want on said note, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the warning will be heeded.

2. Using a lock.

If a note doesn’t cut it because it just gets scrunched up and binned like it never existed, try and see them get through a lock.

3. Hiding things in unexpected places.

If your housemates are anything like mine, those chocolate Digestives you bought 45 minutes ago will be half gone by now. You need to hide your snacks in clever places, like the cleaning stuff cupboard or behind the sofa. Who knows, if it’s a great and big enough space, you could even sit there and eat your snacks in peace.

4. Or indeed, hiding everyone else’s food.

If you can’t have nice things, neither can anyone else.


5. Keeping a mini fridge in your room.

You know what they say: if you can’t beat the fridge-thieves…. get your own fridge. Yes, it’s extreme, but believe me, talking from experience, these little guys are a life saver. Plus, who doesn’t want an accessible fridge in their room? Unlimited post-midnight snacks, here you come!

6. Purposefully buying food you know no one else likes.

Once you’ve lived with people for a little while, you’ll realise what they like and dislike, and there’s bound to be at least one thing you like that they don’t. Use this to your advantage so they nope right back out of your cupboard when they open it.


7. Using thief-stopper sandwich bags.

Yeah, that’s actually a thing. It comes with fake mould and everything.


8. Freezing everything.

It doesn’t matter that you might want to cook with it later on; chances are if you freeze your chicken your housemates aren’t going to bother defrosting it. Unless, of course, they’re that determined to be the bane of your life.


9. Resorting to the very un-British act of face-to-face confrontation.

If all else fails, give them a very firm talking to.


10. Or, perhaps the most extreme of all, just stop buying food.

We all know that’s not going to happen, but if you’re stubborn enough then maybe it’s time to start eating out more. RIP your bank account.

Something else you could try? Take the nicer route and cook something together that you can all eat.

They can’t steal your food if you’re offering it. Just make sure they do the washing up!


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