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10 Things You Don’t Appreciate As Much As You Should At The University of Central Lancashire

If you’ve studied at UCLan, you’ll know that the list just goes on for how great it is. But do you appreciate these things as much as you should?

1. The fact that campus is based in the heart of the city.

Have they strategically placed UCLan at the centre of Preston? I mean, it’s adjacent to the Preston Shopping Centre, a stone’s throw away from the transport services, surrounded by diverse eateries (Coco’s – mmm) and a walking distance from its vibrant nightlife…

Today's location #uclan #preston

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2. And it’s such a diverse university.

UCLan is bubbling with people from all walks of life, with both national and international students.

2017-02-11 Lantern Festival | Preston Lancashire #preston #lancashire #uclan

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3. You can even learn new languages with Worldwise for free!

And then smugly wander far and wide with the travel bursaries!



4. If that’s not for you, there’s a fancy outdoor sports arena.

Did you know it was used as a training venue for the 2012 Olympics though? 💪

5. And when you need to get to studying, there’s the lifesaving 24/7 library access.

Very handy when you are cramming in night-before revision on a Sunday evening. Now, that explains the shower facility in the library…

. What a mad few days .

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6. The lifetime access to the Careers Service will also save your life.

So, when Plan A doesn’t go as you want it to, you can always go to UCLan Careers Service for a Plan B.



7. Not forgetting the WISER Study Support Service.

How else would you have survived those academic dilemmas?



8. CVCL will take you places.

The Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership (CVCL) is a whole team dedicated to bringing you exciting opportunities, fun community projects and even grants you travelling opportunities too!

9. And to de-stress during exams, there are the Puppy Rooms!

Have no fear, the puppies are here.

10. Finally, arguably the greatest perk of all, the free gym memberships.

Don’t let your free access to the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre go to waste – you’ll miss it as soon as you’ve graduated!

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Yes, UCLan 👏👏👏

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