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9 Types of People You’ll Find In Every Student Club

Every student has a clubbing persona, but some are worse than others.

Most students go clubbing for the drinking and the dancing, but inevitably one or more of the following culprits will make an appearance on your night out.

1. The PG-13 Teen

They don’t belong in a club, which is obvious to everyone except them.

2. The Ballerina

She exudes grace and elegance until the dance floor isn’t where she expected it to be and gravity takes hold.

3. The ‘Cool’ Guy

This is the one with all the moves, and the only one who thinks so.

4. The Drama Queen

This person has saved up every feeling they have ever had especially for tonight.

5. The Photo-bomber

We all hate this person, but we have also all been this person.

6. The Loving Drunk

This is the person you met in the bathroom earlier who is now your best friend.

7. The Handsy

This person will always lend you and helping hand – and get a bit too close for comfort in doing so.

8. The Predator

Enough said.

9. The Klutz

No glass goes unbroken and no dress goes un-ruined in the path of a klutz.

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