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10 Annoying Things That Happen In Every Lecture

Whether they’re at 9am or 5pm, lectures definitely become an unwanted but necessary part of your life as a student.

And it’s hardly surprising that we’d rather snooze our alarms when these things constantly happen…

1. The person in front of you with the massive hair.

Thanks to this person, the impossibility of looking at the screen means that you spend two hours staring at their huge hair, wondering how they even managed to get it that big in the first place.

hair in face

2. The big talkers who think they know everything.

That one person who answers anything and everything, even if the lecturer didn’t actually ask a question. Okay we get it; you did the pre-lecture reading that no one else did. Good on you.


3. Mac Mania.

When 99% of the lecture theatre pull their Macs out of their bags and you’re reminded that you don’t have one. Sad times.


4. People eating seriously smelly food.

The uninviting aroma of food coming from several areas of the hall, particularly from the person sitting next to you, eating cheesy wotsits. Lovely.

5. The class clown.

The students who crack unfunny jokes at every possible opportunity, and don’t realise that no one’s actually laughing. First rule of university: don’t try to be the class clown. As Regina from Mean Girls would say, “It’s social suicide.”

6. The gossip queens.

The same group of girls who sit through the whole lecture gossiping about everyone in the lecture theatre. Yes we can hear you, and yes you should have stayed at home instead.

7. Running out of time and not being able to write everything down.

Ferociously writing down your notes at the speed at light but still being unable to finish the last sentence before the lecturer changes the slide. Why so speedy?

8. Distractions everywhere

The person sitting in front of you on Facebook, causing your eyes to involuntarily stare at the screen, hoping something interesting happens. Let’s face it, anything would be more interesting than what you’re supposed to be learning. Blah blah…

9. People asking questions when you’re about to leave.

There is always that one person who will ask the lecturer a question about 30 seconds before the end of the lecture, causing everyone to stay behind for longer, much to everyone’s annoyance.

10. The loved-up couple who kiss at every available opportunity.

Every year group has that one couple who spend literally every waking moment kissing, including the start of the lecture, the end of the lecture and every single break in between. Not to mention in the library, the lift, the common room, the cafeteria, the seminars, the tutorials… the list goes on and on.

Yep, definitely not worth it.

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