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How To Survive Your Last Full Term of University

Entering the last full term of university is scary, unpredictable, and gives you an overwhelming and unshakable sense of dread.

The prospect of tackling the final and most stressful hurdle of your academic career is enough to make anyone question if it’s too late to drop out.

But don’t let final year fear get the better of you, there are a few simple things you can do to make life a little easier as you sob over the 50,000 words you have yet to write…

1. Swap nights out for takeaways

The one good thing about being chained to your desk, surrounded by books that make no sense to you, is all the cash you save from being unable to go out.

You could be sensible and save this money, but splashing it on regular takeaways will make your work-filled days considerably more bearable.


2. Take regular breaks

Regular breaks are vital to clear your head and to avoid a situation where you go over your final dissertation to find that it resembles Jack Torrance’s book in ‘The Shining’.

Just try to avoid the kind of break where ‘just one episode of Jeremy Kyle’ turns into a day long ITV2 marathon, which then escalates into a 5 hour long nap. Keep these breaks short, sweet and full of tea.


3. Don’t start a new TV series

While you’re pulling your hair out over chapter three of your dissertation, the sound of Netflix calling will be louder than it ever has been.

When you’ve got 1000 other things to do, it will be extremely tempting to find out who Heisenberg is and what all the fuss over ‘Orange is the New Black’ is about. Don’t give in to temptation, you are sure to get addicted and ruin your degree by watching constant back-to-back episodes.


4. Avoid hardworking people

We all have at least one irritatingly organised friend who actually starts essays as soon as they’re set and probably finished their dissertation last June. Avoidance of these people is essential, or the sight of their smug face may just push you over the edge.


5. Abandon any attempt to look good

You need to put 100% into passing your course. Therefore, during this time, application of make up should only happen if the situation really calls for it, hair washing should occur (at most) once a week, and shaving should not be a thing at all.

6. And remind yourself that it will be over soon

Fantasizing about how drunk and disastrous you will be when this term is finally over will help you maintain your sanity and motivate you during that final push.


You just might make it through to graduation after all.

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