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How to Survive Your First Few Weeks at University

The first few weeks of university can be tough. It’s a big transition, so you better be prepared.



1. Use freshers’ week to get your bearings

Because knowing your way around campus means that you get an extra ten minutes in bed before your first lecture, instead of running around with a map and walking into the wrong lecture hall… that’s just uncool.

2. Visit the freshers’ fair

Free stuff! Pizza vouchers, keyrings, stickers and so much more. There’s literally no reason not to go – there might even be something useful there. And when you’re done, take this quiz to see how much a pro scrounger you were at the fair.

3. Talk to EVERYONE

This is the one opportunity you have to say hello to literally everybody, and nobody will think you’re a nutter for it. You might not stay friends with everyone you meet, but you never know who you’ll have to rely on to do group presentations later in the year, so it’s worth getting to know a few people.

4. You might be tempted, but don’t go home

No matter what temptations there are to go home (your dog’s birthday party, your granny’s baking, your own bed) don’t do it! You’ll miss out on serious bonding time with your new uni friends – you don’t want to be that person who missed the EPIC freshers weekend party because you went home to give your cat a cuddle. Stick it out for the first 2-3 weeks at least. Your cat will be fine without you…

5. Get to know your flatmates

They can make or break your first year – you don’t want to end up enemies with the person you share your bathroom or kitchen with.

6. Call home (occasionally)

You will feel homesick at some point, but a quick call home will cure it. Just don’t stay on the phone for hours!

7. Decorate your new place so it feels like yours

Requirements: blu-tack, photographs, lights and posters. So. Many. Posters.

8. You probably won’t, but TRY to spend wisely

You don’t want to blow your whole student loan in the first 2 weeks. Living off supernoodles and gravy for months on end is NOT the one.

9. Get to know your tutors

Some of them you’ll hate – that’s a given – but others will dress up as parrots to deliver their lectures and be the coolest people on campus (no, honestly, this has happened). Either way, they’ll be marking your assignments and getting to know them might help later in the term when you’re stuck on an essay.

10. Just go out and have a party

After all, there’s more to uni than getting a degree. For fun, to make friends, to forget the fact that you still don’t know how to use a washing machine and your dirty underwear pile is already building up… just enjoy yourself.

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Oh, and you might want to do your work as soon as it’s assigned to you… Enjoy!

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