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15 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Make And Break In 2015

Another year comes to an end, another New Year resolution is made, and another New Year resolution is broken. To prevent us repeating our same yearly mistakes of breaking these unachievable goals, we have drawn together the main resolutions we are all guilty of making in December.

So do yourself a favour and avoid them all.

1. Drink more water.

“Oh the health benefits” they say! Somehow drinking the recommended 2 litres of water a day doesn’t satisfy our sugary drink cravings. This normally lasts a couple of days until our friends beg us to go out, confirming wine is so much more satisfying (and sociable).

2. Lose weight.

Those magazines on the shelf are telling us to, as is our guilty Christmas conscience responding to all those mince pies and partying. It is very unlikely that this resolution will be kept, especially when we have no other choice but to finish off the Christmas chocolates.

3. Exercise more.

A gym membership is so expensive and overrated, right?

4. Meet all deadlines.

We begin very motivated, and finish feeling fed-up and bored. Let’s just hope that deadline can be extended.

5. Read more.

Our quest to be more intelligent and knowledgeable begins here! With your newly found skills and expertise, you will become the perfect member for a quiz team, resulting in winning lots of money, local fame and general brain power. Exciting huh?! That’s until you pick the book up and only read one chapter. However, there was a huge sense of accomplishment for finishing a whole chapter.

6. Pick up a new hobby.

Oh the urge to try something new and weird – easier said than done. In most cases, hobbies cost money and after the constant spending in December, our January bank balance won’t like it if you paid out for guitar or cake decorating classes.  Alternatively, you can do a Rapunzel and create outfits for animals from curtains. It’s cheaper, that’s for sure…

7. Budget/save money.

“In 2015, I will save enough money to buy a new car/house/holiday/jacuzzi”- says everyone. Don’t fall into the unrealistic trap of money saving. Those days out, dinners, and new trainers won’t stand for it.

8. Stay single.

2015 will be the year of freedom! Until you meet someone and decide that singledom is highly overrated and so last year.

9. Get a new job.

You’ve been moaning all year so it only makes sense to master a dramatic exit from your crappy job and begin an exciting new one that will make your ex-colleagues cry with jealousy. It all seems like an excellent plan. Then reality kicks in and reminds you that it is a long and lengthy process of endless applications and failing interviews. Maybe I will stay after all…

10. Socialise more.

Stop being a hermit and socialise more. We all try to go out and say yes more to a night out. However, that pyjama night on the sofa watching reality TV with a takeaway IS sounding so much more appealing right now.

11. Be more organised.

This normally results in buying a diary in the Boxing Day sales and not even touching it again.

12. Travel somewhere new.

It has been all over Instagram; the pictures of what seems like everyone, travelling the world and exploring all the wonders. Next year IT WILL BE ME. Can I borrow a few thousand pounds please?

13. Cut down/quit our habits.

Easier said than done. But alcohol, we have so much fun together!

14. Stress less.

In 2015, we want to access our calmer, tranquil and more peaceful personality. Only problem is, we can’t find it…

15. To keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s be realistic here, the idea of them sounds great but the reality is very testing. These resolutions have great intentions but they are too difficult to keep. So let’s just forget about them shall we?

Maybe in 2016…

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