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15 Superpowers That Would Make Student Life A Lot Easier

Most of our student lives are spent wondering what would happen if we could magically do something that will make our lives so much easier. However, most of us aren’t blessed with these abilities and quite frankly, never will. Through the use of Harry Potter gifs, here are the superpowers most students wish they had, as let’s face it, it would be pretty cool.

1. The ability to eliminate people

Most common in halls when you are helplessly grouped with random people. It is inevitable you will come across certain people in your university years that are, let’s say, not your kind of person. If only we can send them on the Hogwarts Express far, far away…

2. To eat what you want when you want

The wish of all students living on a student budget. Ready meals, takeouts, and junk food are being paid for in body weight, but what if you could reverse this curse?

3. To speak your mind without the consequences

When your lecturers and fellow students say something you don’t believe, keeping your mouth shut is difficult. Matter of the fact is, the truth does hurt, but what if you could just get away with it? Oh the relief.

4. Invisibility

For spying on people (not creepy at all…) and sneaking books out of the library (because we all forget to return them). You could also not pay club entry which will save you a lot of money.

5. Wizardry

No reason for this apart from the fact it looks pretty awesome and you can do pretty much anything. From filling your drink up, just like that, to killing Voldemort- both very important hurdles we face in everyday life.

6. To get instant deliveries

Imagine ordering those shoes online for them to be instantly delivered to you from thin air, or even better, by an owl… With the click of your fingers, to get stuff delivered to you ASAP is a superpower we all need, especially when we have to wait however many working days for it to arrive.

7. Teleportation

How cool would it be if we clicked our fingers in our bed to arrive at our lecture within a second? Despite people finding your sudden appearance a bit mind-blowing, this will be a useful superpower to have as you will never be late. Late alarm? No worries!

8. To make food magically appear

For times in lectures when you are craving that amazing burger you had at the weekend. Then bam! It’s there right in front of you. And it’s free.

9. The ability to not get a hangover

The wish of all impossible wishes.

10. To manipulate your grades

That lecturer who’s a harsh marker is no longer your worries. Simply change your grade by changing their mind using your incredible superpower.

11. To always look flawless

Yes. It is impossible, but we all want to look like we have stepped out of an Instagram post. This superpower must be most powerful when hungover, ill, and tired. So basically, ALL THE TIME.

12. Telekinesis

Because going to the kitchen is effort.

13. Telepathy

Just like the sorting hat, you would have the ability to read other people’s minds. This can be useful when meeting new people, when lecturers mark you assignments, and when you are just simply being nosy. After all, we are at university to learn right?


14. To undo your mistakes

We’ve had plenty. We either forget them or dwell on them. However, undoing them would be ideal.

15. The ability to fly

Of course. The freedom. The views. The quick method of transportation. When times get tough you can also go on a quick holiday – avoiding the lengthy queues in passport control.

Although these superpowers would be the most incredible things to be blessed with, the fame would be a lot to handle. However, haters gone’ hate and you can just use your superpower of eliminating them. Why thank you.

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