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17 Things That Happen When You Leave Uni For Christmas

The time has come yet again to pack up the car and head home to enjoy the festivities. We cannot wait to devour that roast dinner and mince pies in all the Christmas excitement. However, that excitement can make us forget certain things.

So, through the medium of Friends GIFs, the things that happen when you leave uni for Christmas…

1. You forget about house payments

Even though you’re getting in the holiday spirit, the landlord is still wanting your money to pay for Christmas presents. It is a common error forgetting that your house on the other side of the country is still needing to be paid for. As if Christmas wasn’t expensive enough.

2. You over-pack

3 suitcases, a few boxes and bags later, you arrive home to our family criticising our approach to packing. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

3. You miss your uni friends

You have acquired a strange sense of humour, multiple unforgettable memories, and countless hours in the library moaning to each other about how much work you have with these people. Leaving them for a few weeks seems like A LIFETIME.

4. Student portal crashes

Typically, your university decides to cut off all methods of communication with you in the holiday break – making your life not any easier. Cheers.

5. You get excited to drive again

You’ve been planning the playlist to put on in the car for the last few months and finally, the time has come to stop using your legs/bike as the only mode of transport. Freedom!

6. You have no money for Christmas presents

That last night out you had could’ve paid for your sibling’s present, but it was a good night. Can Santa please bring a full bank account?

7. You miss your freedom

At home, it is not really acceptable to go to the supermarket in your PJs and come back after a night out and play loud music. Student life is great because you have the excuse of being a poor, hungover and wild student, so people will accept you. Home however, may not accept that.

8. You realise how much you missed your friends and family

It’s true. You missed them really. Those home-cooked meals and hugs are one of the things students miss the most. You cannot wait to tuck into that roast. Complete with gravy, stuffing, pigs and blankets, roast potatoes… *tummy rumbles*

9. You forget about January exams

Unfortunately the fun isn’t over. University is officially being brought home with us, and yes, you do have to revise for January exams. How annoying.

10. Working > Revising

For us students, the hard work is constant. Your part-time job at home – and your bank account – is calling to pick up some hours so you can afford Christmas and generally living till the end of the second semester.

11. You put on weight

Who can blame you? It’s been so long since you had a decent meal.

12. You miss having lie-ins and no one criticising you

Nothing is worse than someone making you feel guilty for having a lie in. “Stop it mum, I wanna sleep the day away”.

13. You get night out withdrawal symptoms

The student life at home doesn’t always cut it. The countdown to your next night out at uni has begun and it is very exciting.

14. You leave something crucial behind

Of course you would forget that… Have. To. Buy. Another. But. No. Money.

15. You can show off your new life skills

Christmas is the perfect time to show off your new domestic skills. You are now a boss in the kitchen and cleaning royalty. However, it would be nice to have someone else do the hard work for once.

16. Things have changed

You head home and find new people in your house. You go to work and find you don’t recognise anyone. You go out and see people in your hometown that you’ve never seen before in your life. Where did all these people come from?

17. But you begin to feel festive

After spending most your living hours in the library, you forget that December is something that used to be very exciting. That’s until you go home and see the Christmas tree, your friends and family and have a mince pie. Tis’ the season to be jolly after all…

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