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30 Ways Student Life is Just Like ‘Friends’

Our favourite TV characters of all time are more like students than you think. You will all come across a Joey, a Phoebe or even a Monica at university.

The many ups and downs they experienced in the 10 years they were on TV match our student life pretty well – finding that we have all been there during these tough and tiring years.

1. You get unwelcome visitors.

Of course you can come in without knocking…

2. Everything breaks.

Cue the frantic call to the landlord/reception…

3. Days are tiring.

4. You witness some strange things.

5. You miss your friends when you’re not with them.

Even if you’re out in da club and only saw them like 10 minutes ago.

6. You hear some shocking rumours.

I mean, where did that even come from?!

7. Pizza is the greatest thing in the world.

Enough said.

8. You might bump into people from your ‘past life’.

Never pleasant, but at least it’s not Janice.

9. You go to both good and bad parties.

10. You are a mixed bag of emotions.

Exam stress, the rumour mill, hangovers – life is just one emotional rollercoaster.

11. You make some drunken mistakes.

12. You have the best uni friends.



13. Who all like to spy on other people who live on your street.

Totally normal.

14. You are tasting the reality of independence.

And it’s really tough. Grad jobs? Placement year? Where is my life going? SO QUICK.

15. You come across some idiots.

Good riddance.

16. And some judgemental people.

Normally they tell you this when you didn’t ask for their opinion. Thanks.

17. You get overwhelmingly happy with a decent grade.

I’m just happy I passed.

18. You make best friends.

19. You become more forgetful each day.

20. Bad fancy dress occurs.

Unfortunate for them, but hilarious for you.

21. The littlest things are exciting.

22. Embarrassing photos are common.

23. Eating whilst drunk-dancing is a profession.

24. As is drinking whilst maintaining a conversation.

25. You have experienced some crazy driving.

Taxi rides are never great after a night out.

26. You have met some creepy people.

Do you mind, not?

27. You don’t understand people’s confusing love lives.

28. You and your housemates have become very close.

29. Cleanliness is shocking.

30. But generally life is great.

University is the best, so through the highs and lows, you always have fun.

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Want to write an article like this?

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