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11 Demoralising Thoughts You’ll Have as a Graduate & How To Overcome Them

It’s a hard life for us graduates. But it’s time to start thinking positively.

1. “I can’t find a job.”

Sure, it sucks. But just think of all the free time you have to really put your all into those applications you genuinely care about.

2. “I can’t find my dream job.”

Hey, you’re still young. Dream jobs are usually things you work up to. All the experience you’re gaining now will help you get there – no matter how long it takes.


 3. “I can’t get any experience because I don’t have experience.”

A classic graduate catch-22. If you keep finding that all the jobs you want require prior experience, use this time to gain some. It might require volunteering or interning for a while, but you’ll walk away with loads under your belt.

4. “I hate my job.”

Just remember how much you hated being unemployed. And at the end of the day, money is money and experience is experience. Hoard enough of both until you can move on to the next step in your career.

5. “I wish I studied something more practical.”

As Oasis once said, don’t look back in anger. You chose your subject for a reason, your current stress levels are just preventing you from remembering it. Besides, you probably had a great time at university and that’s half the point.

And when in doubt, just think about the CEO of Bank of America (aka, a super rich guy) who studied history at university.


At least you managed to avoid it for 3 years.

7. “I hate how much debt I’m in.”

You needed a student loan to do what you wanted too and you will hardly notice the monthly sum leaving your bank. Just think of all the great times you had at uni – and all the countless other people in the exact same boat.

8. “I hate living back at home.”

You have a roof over your head and food in your belly, it could be a lot worse. If that doesn’t make you feel better, think of it this way: Free Wifi, a washing machine (from which your clothes don’t get stolen) and warmth – all those things you never had as a student.

9. “I miss being able to binge watch Netflix.”

They were hardly the most productive times of your life, were they? TV is actually bad for your health so perhaps it’s a good thing you have less time to spend in front of Netflix. But of course, the weekend doesn’t count.


10. “I miss my friends.”

Your friends are at the end of the phone, or a quick type away, probably feeling the same way you do. Use the time you have to contact them – it may end in a reunion and nothing can be bad about that.


11. “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.”

Deep breath. Life isn’t the simplest of things, and it’s hard to know exactly what you want to do, but there isn’t a problem in not knowing. Life is there to be lived, so go out there, apply for those crazy jobs that you daren’t believe you could do, travel, start a new hobby, enjoy finding out what it is you want to do.

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