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6 Awkward Situations You’ll Have To Face As A Graduate

So, you’ve just done what you thought was impossible. You’ve graduated, and with a good grade too. Good job!

Now, it’s time to prepare you for some rather awkward situations you may (will definitely) find yourself in, and give you some tips on how to deal with them:

1. Someone you sort of knew before Uni comes over at the pub and asks the dreaded question; “What are you planning on doing now?”

How to respond: Awkward for a number of reasons, the main one being that you have NO idea. Simply answer with “I’m going to buy another pint with the last of my loan.” Too sarcastic? Oh well.

2. Your parents asking “So, what are you going to do today?” after you’ve been rudely woken up by all their alarms.

How to respond: TREAD CAREFULLY. Say the wrong thing and you could be met with a list of chores and a lecture about how you “need a job”, how “the market is tough” and how “your uncle’s, stepson’s, wife’s, daughter got a job after just three days“.

To avoid this, always answer with “Do you remember that job I was telling you about last week, well I need to reply to an e-mail they sent me. I have also found another 6 jobs to apply for, all graduate schemes and well paid, and if I get time I’ll try and do some washing.” – You can ad-lib, of course, but remember to make it sound convincing!

3. Following situation 1 when you’re asked “What do you plan on doing now?” more than 1 person pipes up, believing they have the answer for you.

That’s right, everyone has an opinion and before you know it 4 people are talking about you, at you.

How to respond: Only one thing to do here, excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, and when you come back try and change the topic (if it hasn’t changed already).

4. You’ve applied for so many jobs in the past week that you can’t honestly remember everything you applied to do. This is when you get that all important phone call asking you to interview.

How to respond: You may be in shock whilst equally excited, but remember to get all the details you can about the interview on the phone. This is so you can try and remember which CV you sent, which role you applied for and also try and figure out how on earth you’re going to sell yourself…

5. Making it to individual interview, then hearing “What past experience do you have in this field?”

You’re at the interview. You’ve got through two group stages. 10 people have gone and 5 remain. You know you have to sell yourself to the best of your ability in your individual interview, but then you hear this.

How to respond: Try to draw from your university experiences. You haven’t worked as a secretary in an office? So what! You were society secretary, make it fit. You haven’t had a sales job? Oh yes you have! Remember all those nights you stood in the rain selling drunk students club tickets? That totally counts. You haven’t worked in a busy kitchen environment? You made Christmas dinner for 8 on a budget – just word it carefully…


6. Getting a call to say you didn’t get the job.

You come home from interview happy – sure, you told a few white lies, but you’ll prove yourself when you get the job, right? You tell everyone about how well it went, when you get the phone call you’ve been waiting for. You didn’t get it.

How to respond: After telling your parents, grandparents, neighbours and your pets the rubbish news there is one thing to remember. It’s not the end of the world. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get straight back to it.

 Are you ready?

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