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6 Things You Never Thought You’d Miss About Uni But Surprisingly Do

As every graduate knows, you miss University from the day you leave. Even if you didn’t like the lecture part, you’ll definitely miss your friends, the city you studied in, and your freedom.

That being said, there are some things us graduates miss that can come as quite a surprise. Enjoy this list and know that you are not alone in your unusual longings…

1. Making a mess you don’t have to clean up immediately.

Remember that sinking feeling you used to get when you’d made a mess, left it for a while and then had to, eventually, clean it up. Miss it? Well you surprisingly might when you’re made to clear up even the slightest mess straight away when you move back in with your parents. Even if it isn’t your mess.

2. Opening word documents to work on something other than your CV.

We all know the feeling, you’ve found a job you want to apply for but drastically need to edit your CV before you have a chance to get it. When you graduate, it seems all you seem to do is edit your CV and apply for jobs. Who would think that you could actually miss empty word documents and writing essays…

3. Having a timetable.

Why would you miss having to get up on Friday at 9am for double History of English when in uni? You don’t. The truth is that while you’re a student, timetables may seem like the biggest pain in existence, but as a graduate you come to miss it.

Why? Well, when you have a timetable, you know what you’re (supposed) to do with your day, as well as having a way to remember what day it is. As a graduate, it’s the complete opposite.

dont know what im doing

4. Being able to say “I’m a student”.

When someone asks you what you do and you reply with “I’m a student”, you’re sure to be asked what you study, where you study and “exactly what can you even do with that degree?”

However, when you say “Oh, I’ve just graduated”, the amount of questions asked triples, along with the length of conversation and the amount of ‘helpful’ tips you’re offered.

5. Free, free time.

There is free time, and then there is free, free time and you didn’t realize the difference until you graduated. Free time is really time in which you don’t have anything planned but you know you should be working, or in many a graduates’ case, job hunting.

At uni, you have times of the year where you can do absolutely nothing at all and not care one bit. Why? Because you’re a student who just finished that crippling assignment and have nothing else due for another month. The dream.


6. Really using your brain.

Okay, so you still use your brain as a graduate, but not in the same way. Nothing seems as challenging as the essays you had to write, the two hour lectures you had to attend (which is a joke really as we all know the brain switches off when the powerpoint begins) and the books you had to buy and attempt to read.

You knew you would miss uni life, but who knew you would actually miss uni work?!


Times are tough after finishing uni and we can even surprise ourselves. But don’t worry, time heals all wounds.

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