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10 Things Every Student Does After They Graduate

Graduating causes an influx of feelings; the euphoria of finishing something you’ve been working on for three years and the celebrations that come after is an experience like no other. What comes after graduating can be positive or negative, depending on the circumstances, but we all get through it, right?

Here’s the typical life of a student post-university. 

1. Celebrate until the sun comes out

No more studying, no more exams and no more sitting through lectures. It is officially time to get your drink on.



2. Sleep, sleep and more sleep

What’s the first thing you do when you don’t have university the next day? Or the day after that? And the day after that? Sleep, of course. And this isn’t your ordinary sleep, it’s a I’m-making-up-for-all-those-all-nighters kind of sleep – it lasts forever.



3. Catch up with all your friends from home

You neglected them for years but now you’ve got all the time to make up for it. You play video games, drink, go shopping and do whatever else you can think of because you’re a graduate now and no one can hold you back.



4. Party some more, because that’s all you know how to do

You can’t just party once. You graduated, remember? It’s time to party all the days you missed out on because of university knocking on your door at 9am.

5. Endure having to move back home (because you can’t afford anything else)

Okay, so graduating is great and yes, it feels amazing, but you can’t live in that one moment forever. Responsibility is going to come kicking at the door and you’ll have to move back home if you can’t afford to stay where you are now. This isn’t a bad thing. You save lots of money and you’ll be with family, which is cool… for a short while.



6. Start job hunting cause that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

Time to get up at 10am instead of 1pm and job hunt, you have to slog through a load of applications and CV changes that your mind will explode from boredom. But one will come along soon, right? Err…



7. Go crawling back to the part-time job you had before uni

There will come a time when staying with your parents and looking up jobs that are relevant to your degree is just not enough. Plus, the guilt of living off your parents is horrible. At least this way you’ll have more money for party and other things.



8. Cry because no one is hiring, or because you don’t have enough experience

Every graduate’s rock bottom.



9. Sleep some more

Part-time jobs and job hunting is exhausting. Just GO with the flow. Or more likely, GO to your bed.



10. Finally get a response from employers

You’ve been searching and applying for jobs like crazy and finally an interview has risen out of all the tears, sleep and binge eating. You feel nervous, excited and anxious at the same time, but mostly nervous. Because what on earth are you going to talk about!? No matter how well it goes, you’re just happy to be there.



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