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10 Things You’ll Definitely Learn As An Intern

Naturally, after graduating we want to keep life as fun as possible. But there comes a time when reality and responsibility collide, meaning you have to get a job.

This will often start out as an internship.

An internship will be completely different to any other jobs you’ve had and teach you a lot about the real working world…

1. Meeting ‘work people’ will actually become a desperate attempt to try and fit in.

It isn’t easy to get used to and it can be horribly awkward in the beginning.


2. How to make an excellent cup of coffee.

Life skills.

3. You will always act incredibly awkward when trying to get into the social group at work.


4. Some of your workmates are going to be triple your age – but that’s cool.

Want to go out clubbing on Saturday? No?


5. You’ll begin to realise why people are paid so much to do what you’re doing.

But experience is what it’s all about, right? RIGHT?!


6. Waking up at the crack of dawn will feel like someone made you drink a bottle of vodka and then smacked you over the head with the empty bottle.

And nope. Painkillers do not help. Neither does crying.

7. And travelling to work every morning will feel like swimming to China.

I’m tired, need coffee and have absolutely no idea what you’re saying.

8. Sucking up to your ‘boss’ is required, but unfortunately doesn’t guarantee you a job.

You will feel played.


9. You probably shouldn’t count on an invite to work gatherings. 

Sorry, no one knows you, get over it.


10. You’ll realise how great working with new people is and seriously miss it when it’s over.

Face it, you want to go back once you realise you have nothing better to do at home than tightly burrito yourself in a blanket and binge watch Orange is the New Black. So get out of that bed and make the most of it!


Starting an internship soon? Get excited…

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Want to write an article like this?

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