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16 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Have Absolutely No Money

The life of a student is fun and chaotic, which often means we end up with absolutely no money. 

Here are 16 things only poor students in London will understand…

1. Receiving money, of any amount, from anywhere, will probably become the best feeling in the world!

You’ve never been so happy to get a refund! It’s even better than when Ben & Jerry’s is half-price at Tesco.


2. You need to plan a night out rather than being able to go out spontaneously.

I’ve only got £30 to last the rest of the month, but I want to go out… I CAN’T DECIDE!


3. You’ll take more than one bus per journey, because travelling by train is too expensive.

No one will know I’m that cheap…. right?

4. The only way you can afford to drink is by minesweeping at friends’ parties.

Yes it happens, and it saves you spending £5 on a tiny bottle of beer that, realistically, lasts you twenty seconds.


5. You only buy home brand everything.

Come on, it’s cheap and you know you pay more just for the brand!


6. You resort to binge watching everything on the planet to distract yourself from spending.

You have a lot of time to spend no money…

7. You never meet people at Costa or Starbucks to discuss work – Skype exists for a reason, and it’s free.

Screw going to Costa or Starbucks to meet your group for 10 minutes only to spend money on a coffee you didn’t even want.


8. You’ll ‘borrow’ things like milk and butter from your flatmates, with absolutely no intention to give them back.

No shame.

9. You start suggesting you make ‘flat dinners’ rather than cooking separately. 

“Come on guys, it’ll be like Come Dine With Me!”

10. You’ll realise working at a pub to make money is pointless.

You spend all the money on alcohol after work, which of course turns into going out…


11. You start combining washing loads to save washing powder, but accidentally turn friends’ clothes blue.

You save money, but your flatmates will hate you. Price you’re willing to pay?


12. Shopping becomes the most upsetting and stressful task ever.

You can actually feel the money being sucked out your debit card by the shopping vacuum.


13. Crying and sulking about having no money is a weekly routine.

Remember to drink lots of liquids to replenish those tears.


14. Jealousy of others spending money causes rifts between you and your friends.

No one said anything about having to still love flatmates when they walk in with mountains of shopping bags.


15. Watching other people spend money is a risk – because you feel the need to join in.

You clutch your own wallet and breath deeply, remembering to count to ten and chanting ‘Everything is okay.’


16. You’ll constantly remind yourself it’s only temporary.

Soon you’ll have a job and be able to spend money without having to worry so much about it. Everything will be fine. *Deep breaths*


Go out and have fun! But watch out for how much you spend.

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Want to write an article like this?

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