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31 Ways Your Life Would Change For The Better If You Were Actually A Wizard

Reading Harry Potter is basically a rite of passage into childhood. The incredible adventures, creatures and mind-bending spells are something we would all wish to do, but what if we actually could? 

These are 31 ways our life would change if Harry Potter was real and you were a witch/wizard…

1. Receiving your acceptance letter from Hogwarts would completely beat all other experiences in life.


2. Spells would be your answer to every situation.


3. School/Uni would mean travelling far away to a place that’s completely magical.

You’d basically be living in a fantasy world – never any need for complaining!


4. The rivalry between school houses would always be a deadly risk.

I’m not sure they’re telling us the truth about how many people have ‘accidentally’ been killed…


5. Unfortunately, Voldemort would exist and he’s pretty fierce.

Yeah, he’s pretty bad so we should worry about him, right? Or we can just carry on shooting spells and leave it to Harry, Hermione and Ron. Preferable.


6. Harry, Hermione and Ron would be huge celebrities to you.

It may be recommended to steer clear – you could literally die just being their friend! No, thank you.


7. Snape would exist and probably make your life hell.

But he has amazing hair and improves drastically, so it’s all good.


8. The Forbidden Forest would be a terrifyingly tempting place to hang out.

Seriously, there’s giant spiders! Not to mention trees or snare things that basically strangle you to death.


9. You could take pets to school/uni.

Yeah, dogs and cats are so 100 years ago… dragons are so in right now, but training them to not burn the couches is hard.


10. Fireworks would be more than just pretty lights that explode in the sky.

Um, have you seen what happened to Umbridge? Imagine the possibilities!


11. Getting around would be so much easier than public transport.

Just jump on your broomstick and fly wherever you want to go! Please note: buying a broomstick probably costs an arm and a leg. Literally.


12. Having a job could actually be a lot of fun.

You get to do spells and stuff legally. Plus ther are so many weird gadgets and things that would actually make work exciting.


13. Crime rates would probably be very, very high due to magic.

Come on, they would.


14. You could potentially never die by using a Horcrux.

Just place your soul in horcruxes that slowly tear you up inside.


15. Friends come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

I have a giant friend, a vampire friend, a dwarf friend and a friend that can speak to snakes…


16. House parties and clubs would be the best thing ever.

Can you imagine the different types of alcohol? And just imagine what spells you’d put on each other to make the night even better… WARNING: Do not spell-cast under the influence of alcohol – may lead to exes losing an eye or arm.


17. The Triwizard tournament is an actual thing you could enter.

You would find a way to put your name in every five years – even if you graduated several years ago.


18. Safety of students really wouldn’t be considered a big deal.

There’s a giant octopus in the school’s lake, it’s right next to a forest crawling with man-eating creatures, and the school is filled with dangerous rooms (not to mention the three headed dogs and giant snake in the toilets), plus exploding substances. It’s like they’re trying to get rid of you.


19. Ghosts are pretty chilled and make great friends.

They listen to you, are always there for you and know a lot of pretty great stuff.


20. You’d constantly find secret rooms throughout the school buildings.

That room of requirement is perfect – Imagine a secret society called Saturday Night Club.


21. Dating would be a little more awkward…

Your partner could be half giant! I don’t know about you, but meeting the parents will probably make you pretty nervous.


22. Food would be really exotic.

Can someone please pass the gnome salad?


23. Whatever you needed – there’s a spell for it.

You’d save loads of money!

24. School would actually be enjoyable.

The complete opposite to real school actually…


25. Lessons would literally be a blast.

You might whinge at the end of the day about a 1000 word essay on werewolves just to fit in, but deep down you’d be happy that werewolves actually exist.


26. Teachers/Lecturers could change into animals.

27. Quidditch would be the best sport ever.

It’s played on broomsticks. I don’t think I need to say more.


28. Exams would be fun and maybe even looked forward to.

29. The only thing to fear would be death itself.

There’s spells for anything except avoiding death and bringing back loved ones.

30. You would never get lost at school thanks to the Marauders map.

Although, you might find something that can never be unseen.

31. Though, you probably wouldn’t be able to go and read/watch them all over again, like you do right now…


Go relive the magic. We love you, J.K. Rowling.

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