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7 Deadly Sins of Graduating We’re All Guilty of

Graduating is exciting, but it also means the harsh reality of finding a job that pays, which is never easy. 


With the stresses of post-uni life, there’s no doubt that we’ll all end up turning to these seven deadly sins…

1. Gluttony: Where alcohol is the new water.

You party until the early hours, down bottles of alcohol (even if you mine sweep them) and you dance till the bottom of your shoes start to melt onto the dance floor.

2. Envy: When friends get jobs and you don’t.

Nothing beats the high of finishing University and being told how proud you’ve made your family, but when friends from Uni start getting job offers it suddenly feels like you’ve been doing nothing all your life and you have absolutely no skills. Jealousy starts here.




3. Greed: When you realize money doesn’t just happen.

You check your bank account balance and realize the numbers only go down when you spend money, not up. It’s time to savour every scoop of Ben and Jerry’s from now on, you’ll soon be down to 20p ice pops – if you’re lucky.

4. Lust: When you see a job that would be perfect for you, but you’re nowhere near qualified for it.

Huge salary, loads of holidays and doing something so cool… Shame you haven’t got any work experience, really. We can dream.

hate my laptop and life gif

5. Sloth: Where you binge watch every TV show known to man and find the dark corners of YouTube online. 

Eventually Netflix becomes your ‘social life’. You know every show on right now and even had the time to search up the character’s bios, all from the safe distance of your bed.

6. Wrath: Where you scream at your laptop for not getting you a job.

This is a new low. Your friends post status after status about their new jobs that cause you to cry and scream at your laptop for not doing what it’s supposed to, which obviously is to get you a job. During this time you should stay away from your degree certificate, as you may have the urge to tear it up.


7. Pride: Where you finally get a job interview and feel like a god.

Keep your heap up. Soon you’ll be laughing about these stages of your life with a full glass of expensive wine and hilarious work mates.


Drink up and keep trying!

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