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19 Things You Learn To Love About Studying at Newcastle University

You’ll love studying at Newcastle more than you could expect.

1. The fusion of city life with the beautiful architecture of the campus buildings.

2. That feeling you get when you wander into the older parts of the university.

It’s a requirement that everyone must take a picture with the Armstrong arch.

3. Sharing the campus with these guys.

When 3 become 5 #nclduckwatch

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4. Having the Great North Museum so close by.

Another sunny day ☀️#greatnorthmuseum #gnmhancock #newcastle

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5. And the fact that The Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse is right next to campus.

#quilliams #cafe #newcastle #buildings

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6. Not to mention the other hundreds of other food places a mere 5 minute walk away.



7. Digging into a dessert treat from the Great British Cupcakery.

Oh my god 😍😍

A photo posted by Holly Pearson (@hrpear) on

8. And of course Newcastle’s great student nightlife.



9. The drinks are insanely cheap – especially the trebles.

10. And you can even spot the Geordie Shore crew in Bijoux or House of Smith on occasion.

11. But a night out isn’t a night out without dancing in the Sinners cage.

Last night in the #SinnersCage ❤️ #Sinners #Newcastle #Moustache #StudentMedia

A photo posted by Jack Parker (@jackoliverparker) on

12. Or strawpedoing a VK in Flares.



13. As well as getting lost in Digi.



14. And making use of the photo booth in the o2 Academy is a must.

15. And the morning after your night out, Zapastista is there to cure the hangover.

that stack of nachos tho 😍😍

A photo posted by kate ☕️🍁✨ (@_katewd) on

16. Newcastle really does have everything you could want.

It's been a busy week on our terrace! Come and join us this evening with pints from only £2 🍻

A photo posted by Mens Bar (@mens_bar) on

17. And with the Quayside on your doorstep.

LOVE the Quayside! #datenight #quayside #newcastle #ne1 @newcastlene1

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18. And Tynemouth beach a short metro ride away.

19. You know you’ve made the right choice studying here.


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