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POLL: Who Will You Be Voting For In The General Election?

As you’ve probably heard already, there’s going to be another general election on 8th June.

Aside from this being the nation’s chance, albeit an incredibly last-minute one, to elect a government of their choice, it’s also an opportunity for the UK’s 18-24 year olds to prove that we’re not, in fact, as disengaged from politics as unfortunately believed.

In the 2015 general election, only 43% of 18-24 year olds turned out to use their vote which, let’s face it, isn’t great. This time around, it’s important we make sure our voices are heard and give no one any reason to suggest that the outcome of the election, whatever it may be, is our fault for not voting.

You’ve had a few weeks now to recover from the PM’s announcement calling for a snap general election next month, so we at are interested to know whether you’ve decided who you’re going to vote for yet.

Which party are you going to vote for?

  • Labour
  • Conservatives
  • Lib Dems
  • Greens
  • SNP
  • UKIP
  • Other
  • I haven't decided yet
  • I'm not going to vote

If you’re not planning to vote, why?

  • I don’t think my vote will make any difference
  • I am disillusioned with politics
  • I support a party, but don’t like the leader
  • I don’t have time to follow all the election news
  • None of the parties represent my views
  • None of the above

Don’t forget, you have until 22nd May to register to vote.

If you haven’t registered yet, here’s where you need to go to do so.

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