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13 Facts That Prove Mary Berry Would Be The Ideal Person To Go Clubbing With

Everyone knows Mary Berry has a not-so-secret naughty streak and claims the best one-liners from Bake Off each year. But would she be able to hack a night down the SU?

Of course she would. She might even put you to shame.

1. Her banter’s better than yours

As anyone who’s ever watched the mystifying phenomenon that is the Great British Bake Off will be more than aware, our Berry is never short on banter. From her snappy remarks, withering glances at Paul and game attitude, sass exudes out of her.

2. She tells it like it is

Mary is no shrinking violet. Not one to hide her emotions, whatever is going through that mind of hers is plain for everyone to see, which is just as well as nobody wants a fence sitter stalling the ‘Would you rather’ in pre drinks.

3. She’s no prude

With an endless stream of comments such as “your lovely sausage!” and “there it is looking perfectly stiff” she has proven time and time again she’s no stiff herself and is always game for a laugh. ‘Never have I ever’ anyone?

4. She always comes prepared

You know when you start to feel the pre drink pangs or when the club closes and you could murder a sausage roll? Mary will be sure to supply (perfectly baked) snacks as needed. No soggy bottoms here!


5. She’s in it for the long-haul

With all that whisking, rolling, creaming and beating I’m willing to bet Mary has more stamina than you. While the takeaway diet and hangover from the night before is catching up with you, Mary is sure to be raving long after you’ve snuck home to bed.


6. She dresses to impress

Our Berry isn’t shy of making a bit of an effort, as Mel put it, “She’s the one in the Blake Seven jacket”. She would turn up made up, well turned out and ready to hit the town. No trainers and shorts here.


7. She always brings the party with her

Mary comes with the best wingmen imaginable in Mel and Sue who are sure to be the first dancing on the bar or leading a conga line around the club. They’re also short on subtlety, making them the perfect (?!) wingmen around any potential eye candy.

8. She’s a tough cookie

If she can stand her ground against the constant digs and provocative comments emanating from her co-host Hollywood, she can more than tackle any troublemakers on the dance floor.

9. It pays to have friends in high places

Every doorman (admittedly or not) will promptly tune in every Wednesday to see how to keep his filo from drying out. The minute Berry turns up at da club? That’s right, queue jump and VIP all the way people.

10. It’s no secret she likes a drink

Over the years it has become abundantly clear Mary likes a few Bloody Marys herself. She gets drunk off a doughnut so expect this fun time gal to be throwing some shapes and putting you to shame in no time. She’ll probably be the one telling you to down it.

11. And won’t settle for half measures…


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12. She knows how to make an entrance

Who needs the slut drop when you have a strut this good? She knows how to ensure all eyes are on her when she walks to the bar.

13. And she’s a confirmed raver

Finally, lets not forget her clubbing cred has already been officially confirmed by her co-hosts Mel and Sue who told the world about her raving it up in Ibiza club Pacha. Move aside Delevingne and Lohan, there’s a new party girl on the scene.



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