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11 Things Every Kent Student Needs To Do Before They Graduate

Don’t leave Kent before you’ve done every single one of the following things.

1. Be all cultured and visit Canterbury Cathedral.

This educational and fun trip is not only easy to get to, but free for Kent students, too! Its grounds are peaceful and calming – just what your dissertation-filled mind needs.

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2. Pretend to be a first year in Woody’s, when hungover 9AMs were a standard.

A perfect place to reminisce and hide from your troubles with cheap food, 2 for 1 cocktails and the option to watch the footy/rugby!

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3. Take a walk along The Crab and Winkle Way.

From the centre of Canterbury, through Parkwood and beyond to the fields and the sea side, The Crab and Winkle Way goes all the way to Whitstable and provides a scenic distraction from the amount of work you’ve yet to do.

4. Then grab some fish and chips on the beach.

If you make it all the way to Whitstable, fish and chips on the beach is a cheap and picturesque dinner – Ossie’s fish bar on the high street may even give you some free chips whilst you wait for your order.

5. Blow off some steam at The Foundry.

In the heart of Canterbury, The Foundry has free entry and old-school vibes on a Friday night – the perfect setting for a chilled night out on the town to drink your troubles away.

6. Or have a quiet night at Canterbury’s student-friendly cinema.

The Gulbenkian has a great Two for Tuesday deal for students, making it super cheap to see a variety of new and old films – ideal for a nice night off revision.


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7. Go punting down The Stour.

Slightly more expensive but advertised as “better than therapy”, this soothing trip down the river only costs a tenner.

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8. Comfort eat your way through the Chocolate Café menu.

At reasonable prices the Chocolate Café is the best place to replace your worry with chocolate-covered waffles and crepes, or even grab a cocktail.

9. Go Pub Quizzing.

Penny theatre has themed quizzes every Sunday, serves cheap food and has a great vibe. Perfect for a chilled night away from all of that reading.

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10. Take a walk along the White Cliffs.

With only £3.50 to pay for all day parking, the cliffs are a great place to get fresh air, clear your head and dream of escaping to France (and/or all of your university responsibilities).

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11. And finally, if you only do one of these things, just make the most of being a student in such a beautiful place.

Whether you’re at the University of Kent or you’re a CCU student, ensure you don’t get to graduation day without having really made the most of being in Kent.

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