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17 Things You Learn To Love About Studying at The University of Kent

Canterbury is so beautiful 😍

1. The streets of Canterbury are usually full of tourists, students and school kids, but that just means the city is always buzzing.

2. Having to walk up Tyler Hill to uni is so worth it for the view.

And, let’s face it, leg gains.

3. Essentials is handy for £1 pizzas as an easy dinner option when you’ve got predrinks to attend.

Even though they’re not that great and there’s always a queue.



4. You’ve learnt to love Venue, because it’s full of people you know.



5. Which means everyone gets to laugh at the stupid things you did when you see each other in your seminar the next day.

Hahaha..ha…  *cries internally*



6. And Woodys is always there for you when you need a cheap Sunday lunch to recover from the night before.



7. You know how to make the best of the nightlife and have found the gems.

(R.I.P Jäger Rocks).

So last night was pretty busy 😱 #Canterbury #LateNights

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8. Walking home with Munchies chips or Subway is always what your drunk self needs.



9. And you can look past the lack of late night food delivery, because during the day there are so many great places to eat.

Do you have crepe envy? 😍 #crepe #chocolate #chocolatecafe #choccafe #canterbury #kentfood #instafood #chocolateheaven

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10. Sometimes Hales Place can be a bit rough, but you always have friends living a couple of minutes away, meaning there’s always a house party.



11. The walk to town is actually beautiful.

Even if it is l o n g.

12. And when you get there you’re surrounded by sights like this:

The traffic is awful but that’s just because the roads are built to accommodate these kinds of houses.

13. Having to go through London to travel North means you always have a great excuse for a day out.

14. But wherever you go, you’ll never find anywhere with as lovely streets as Kent.

15. Or such pretty gardens.

Promenad längs med ån #hannaicanterbury #johanneshälsarpå

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16. So it’s given you unrealistic expectations for any other city.

Autumn reflections 🍂 (📷: @liolaliola)

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17. And you just know that, even once you’ve graduated, nowhere else will ever be quite as special.

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