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11 Places Every UCLan Student Should Visit When It’s Sunny In Preston

The sun doesn’t come out very often in Preston, so here’s where to go to make the most of it when it does.

1. The first place of recommendation is your doorstep… to check that it actually is sunny.

Is this really happening?



2. Then you should probably go to your lectures if you have any.

Just saying.



3. Once you finish, any patch of grass on campus is perfect for a sunbathe.

Literally, any patch of grass.

#uclan #Monday #sun #calm walking past victoria omw town

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4. Avenham Park should also be on the agenda.

The place feels like a festival with the amount of students here.

5. If you want another place to walk, you can head to Preston’s Docks.

So Pretty.

#preston #prestondocks #marina #goingforawalk #eveningstroll

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6. Or if you want to stay on campus, your hall’s courtyard will have BBQs and pools out in no time.

Always a lot of fun.

My home for the next 16 weeks 🙂

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7. Go have a wander around the city centre while you can do so without getting rained on.

Make the most of it. Have a coffee outside, push the boat out.



8. And definitely head to Deepdale if you want to shop outside but somewhere different.

There’s a Toys’R’Us to stock up on water guns. Don’t pretend you don’t want to.

Evening stroll to deepdale with @jakelmiller and @tobysheen #deepdaleretailpark #sunset

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9. Even if you don’t like football, Deepdale Stadium always has a great atmosphere in the sun.

And alcohol is present if you’re struggling to enjoy it!

First championship game. Preston 1 v 4 Leeds. #deepdale

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10. Source, the SU bar, should definitely be on your list of places to go.

That gorgeous beer garden weather.

So, who's seen our lovely new Beer Garden? #UCLan

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11. Finished off with a trip to one of these UCLan favourites.

Ships & Giggles, Ferret, Adelphi or Roper Hall. Or all of them. 🤗

Ship just got real.

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Enjoy! ☀️

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