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10 Things Every Aber Student Should Do Before They Graduate

You’ll probably have an amazing three years in the Aber bubble, but sadly, we all have to leave eventually.

Here’s a bucket list of things you really shouldn’t miss out on before you finish at Aber…

1. Go to the Funfair.

It’s a great way to have some fun away from grim deadlines and lectures, and it’s only open every Monday and Saturday until the last one on the 1st of December this year, so don’t delay! There are rides, stalls, and CANDY FLOSS.

2. Visit the Castle and The Old College.

Yes, the Castle is in ruins, but it’s still good to have a look around. Hogwarts The Old College is nearby too and if you don’t end up having any seminars there you can still walk in and have a wonder or maybe use the library (which has no books) as a nice, quiet place to revise.

3. Go to May Ball at least once.

A bonus is that it’s highly likely there will be some fairground rides, which is ideal if you missed the fair. At around £30-£40 a ticket, there’s some debate over whether it’s worth the money when it is after all a night out at the Union. However, it’s worth it at least once, maybe for some good acts, or maybe just because it’s nice to dress up sometimes. Bierkeller is another very popular Union event which usually happens twice in an academic year, so don’t worry if you missed the last one!

4. Go up Constitution Hill.

Whether you go up via the Victorian Cliff Railway, or walk up, there’s no denying the spectacular views you get of Aber up there. There’s also a café, bowling alley, gift shop and camera obscura (which is perfect for spying.)

5. Go on a pub crawl.

You have probably done this many times already, especially in first year – so mix it up a bit by trying out different pubs. Seriously, there’s like 52 of them, some of which aren’t considered as ‘studenty’ as others, so get a bit overlooked. More obscure pubs = more interesting nights out. And if you are yet to try renowned drinks like The Cambrian’s Death Star or Harry’s Gaas, do so now!

6. Go on a day trip to Borth and/or Devil’s Bridge.

While Aber’s seafront is lovely, the sand at Borth is much better (as in, it’s actually sand, not shingle) and there’s also an Animalarium there which is very much worth a visit. It’s particularly ideal if you or one of your friends has a car. Devil’s Bridge is also a great place to visit, with its beautiful waterfalls and some slightly rough walking, and you can catch a Vale of Rheidol Railway train to get there.

7. Go to Yokos (Why Not) on a Sunday or Monday night.

Ideal if you have a day off the following day, for obvious reasons. This will be especially fun if you’re very drunk, as you and your friends will probably have the dancefloor pretty much to yourselves. Maybe don’t go if you have a massive essay or exam coming up, though…

8. Go to the National Library of Wales and The Arts Centre.

A visit to the National Library could actually be really helpful for your degree, despite you not actually being allowed to take anything out. It has thousands of books and old manuscripts, so it’s basically heaven if you love books. The Arts Centre is also right on campus and consists of a cinema, theatre, the Great Hall (where your graduation ceremony will be held), galleries, shops, cafés and bars. The main café near the Great Hall also gives you a great view of the town.

9. Have a bonfire and barbecue on the beach.

It sounds corny, but if you’ve got all your mates around and you’ve finished exams – life is good. It will be one of the times you’ll look back on with fondness when you’re 82. Or possibly 22…

10. Make the most of what the town has to offer, you’ll miss it once you leave.

From simple pleasures like having fish and chips by the seafront, to making sure you pop in to some of Aber’s cute coffee shops and cafés like Sophie’s, or independent fashion shops like Polly’s. You could also stop at the Royal Pier for the Amusements, Ice Cream, pub and restaurant  – and it’s a legal requirement that every student has their picture taken with this:

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Get to it, time’s running out.

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