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13 Things You Love to Hate About Aberystwyth Uni

Let’s face it, we love our little student town. And all the things that make it unique.

1. Penglais Hill

It’s handy that there’s a hospital on the way up, just in case.


2. The fact that it’s in the middle of nowhere

Sometimes it’s nice to be in a nice, um, ‘quiet’ town.

3. The lack of shops.

Oh well, no Topshop = more money. Although there is always online shopping…


4.Lip Lickin’

Enough said.

5. The abundance of Spars.

No town Aber’s size needs this many Spars, but it is pretty convenient. Especially if you need energy drinks from Big Spar at 2am for an essay.


6. The fact that Morrisons is ages away.

Oh well, Lidl or Iceland food it is. And also the occasional Dominos…

7. Also McDonalds. Too far.

It means you won’t get it very often, but when you do it might be a bit more special.



8. The cinema that only has one screen. What’s that about?

It’s still nice, and there’s also always the Arts Centre. Plus, Bangor doesn’t have a cinema at all, so it could be worse.

9. #Aberpocalypse

When it means you get another week off for revision or the uni offers to pay for your train tickets home for the weekend.


10. How the whole campus is made up of hills.

You’ve trekked up from town to go to the library, but the hill is not over yet.

11. The fact there’s only two nightclubs. 

Or maybe three if you count the union. You probably particularly love to hate the classy establishment that is Yokos, with it’s tiny, sticky dancefloor and the £1.05 parties.

12. All the ‘generic Aber sunset’ pictures you’ll see.

Especially in one of those rare, warm and sunny weeks.

13. The weather in general.

So bad it had to feature twice. Beware when using your umbrella.

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Cheers, Aber.

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