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8 Life Lessons We Learned From SM:TV Live

SM:TV Live was an important part of every kid’s life in the 90s. It was basically the golden era of Saturday morning TV. But who knew its significance would stay with us into adulthood?

We learnt a lot from Ant, Dec & Cat. 

1. Value your privacy.

You’re unlikely to be as unlucky as Dec and Cat were in getting a moment alone to kiss on Chums.

2. As ‘Cat the Dog’ showed us, there’s hope for everyone.

3. If you need to settle an argument, always take it behind the sofa.

4. Celebrities are just like us.

Especially in terms of an ever-so-slightly immature sense of humour.

5. Innuendos are always appropriate.

Kym Marsh of Hearsay makes a joke about Ant’s ‘weapon’ in one Chums episode.

6. How to write beautiful fan-fiction.

Dec showed us with his love poetry for Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch that it’s perfectly normal to have feelings for a fictional character.

7. The value of Sportsmanship.

Winners of Challenge Ant had some fun gloating.

8. And most importantly, preparation is key. 

Have your answer ready before calling up a competition on live TV. And remember, IT’S GOT TO RHYME!

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