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10 Useless Things Everyone Will Have By The End of University

It’s easy to accumulate a lot of stuff when you’re a student, the majority of which you’ll never use again. But that doesn’t mean you’re prepared to let go.

1. Books you ordered in first year that you’ve yet to open.

Everyone does it. You were made to think that the reading list is the law, but you only made that mistake once.



2. T-shirts from various themed nights out.

You didn’t really like them on the night, and you definitely don’t like them now.

3. An array of free pens from various postgraduate study and recruitment fairs.

You still don’t know what it is you want to do as a career, but at least you have lots of pens to jot down ideas with.

4. Folders full of notes and slides you’ve never looked at since.

You kept them just in case.

5. Various bookmarks on Chrome for your essay references.

You never deleted them in case you jinxed your degree. And then you forgot about them.

6. A miscellaneous collection of things that used to belong to your flatmates.

At what point does borrowing become stealing?



7. A collection of broken phones to remind you never to break one again.

8. Flyers and tickets from every single night out you went on.

9. Almost-empty bottles of beer and wine you wouldn’t let anyone throw away.

How DARE you even try?!



10. And people you added on Facebook in first year who you wouldn’t recognise if you fell over them.

But you haven’t yet deleted them just in case you actually do fall over them and they recognise you.



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