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17 Images That Are 100% You Applying For Jobs After Uni

If only applying for jobs was easy.

1. When you have to internally psych yourself up each time you start a new application.



2. When you’re trying to avoid using cliché buzzwords in your CV introduction so that it stands out from others.

3. When you’re attempting to make your irrelevant previous work experience sound relevant to the job.

4. When you need your education history to sound more unique than it really is.

5. When you can’t think of any skills you have that would help you in the role.

6. When you wish you had more hobbies so that your life sounded more interesting.

7. When you call out the reality of your situation in the hope they will admire your honesty.

8. Whenever this happens:

9. When the questions on the application form turn unexpectedly deep.

10. When you try your luck because if you don’t ask you don’t get.

11. When you need to seem eager for the role but also need to be yourself.

12. When you’re asked a question you don’t want to answer.

13. When you realise you’ve messed up after you’ve submitted your application.

14. When the session times out on a form just after you completed it and you lose everything you just filled in.



15. When you desperately want the job but you also want to keep shit real.

16. When you’ve submitted an application for something you genuinely want more than anything and just need a response already.

17. And when you feel like a shell of a person after applying for literally every job you can find and all that’s left to do is wait.

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