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18 Tweets About Uni You Probably Shouldn’t Laugh At

They shouldn’t be funny. But they are.

1. This incredibly accurate summary of university life.

2. And this almost painfully relatable analogy.

3. This familiar situation.

4. And this one.



5. This vicious circle.

6. And this worrying scenario.

7. This situation you’d rather not recognise.

8. And this shade you’re still sad to have been served.

9. This exact depiction of how you reference in uni essays.

10. And this unfortunate reality.

11. This scarily accurate representation of you at uni.

12. And this error that will forever feature in your nightmares.

13. This upsettingly relatable situation.

14. And this one.

15. This endless dilemma.

16. And this very foreseeable future.

17. This painful truth.

18. And this crushing reality.

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