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21 Tweets About Looking For a Job That Will Make You Say “At Least It’s Not Just Me”

When the job hunt’s not going all too smoothly, it’s easy to feel like you’re all too alone.

But you’re not.

1. OK so, nobody ever said looking for a job after uni would be easy…

2. But no one ever said it would be this hard.

3. Like, seriously. Is it even possible?

4. IS IT??

5. Because it doesn’t seem like it is.

6. Sorry but how is having a degree not enough to qualify you for a graduate job?

7. You might as well not have bothered.

8. And why does nobody want to provide you with any feedback?!?!

9. Why???

10. You don’t deserve this.

11. You really don’t.

12. It’s not fair. At all.

13. But you’ve got to persevere.

14. What other options do you have?

15. You just want a job FFS.

16. Literally any job will do at this point.

17. You’ve become so used to rejection it’s unhealthy.

18. What happens if no one ever wants to hire you?

19. This isn’t what you signed up for when you decided to do a degree.

20. Surely your time will come soon?

21. Surely?

Finding a graduate job doesn’t have to be this hard.

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Want to write an article like this?

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