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22 Images That Accurately Reflect Your First Year of University

If you’re a first year at uni, this will definitely have been you at one point or another.

1. When you first started and everything about being a university student was a novelty.

2. Until you realised how much work you would actually be doing.

Work that doesn’t even count towards your degree apparently. 😊😊😊😊😊

3. When you assessed the talent in your lectures and found it didn’t quite meet up to expectations.

4. And discovered how much intellectual competition you were now up against in order to do well.

5. Which kind of made you hate everyone on your course.

6. When the reality of maintaining a social life as well as a decent attendance record was much harder than you expected.

7. And the only true love you found at uni was your love for sleep.

8. Because this is literally you all day, every single day.

9. When you couldn’t understand why your lecturers were putting so much pressure on you already.

10. Or how you were ever supposed to make your student loan last through all of university.

11. When this was you in lectures in your first week.



12. But this was you from then on.

13. And, if it seemed like you were concentrating, it was probably because you were trying to work out how soon you could leave.

14. When the semesters only got harder the further through the year you got.

15. And you were increasingly thankful that your parents only knew what you told them.

16. When you remembered people saying that first year was supposed to be easy.

17. And looking back on Freshers’ Week was like looking back on another life.

18. When you couldn’t get your head around the university’s essay writing procedures.

19. And you felt like you maybe weren’t cut out for university after all.

20. Especially when you discovered that first year actually does count more than you were led to believe.

21. And realised that there was nothing you could do to redeem yourself until second year.

22. So you just plan to end the year the best way you know how. 

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