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28 Instagrams That Prove The University of Birmingham Is The Best Place To Be a Student

It may not have made it onto this list of the most beautiful universities in the world, but these Instagrams prove beyond doubt that the University of Birmingham is the best place to be a student.

1. The campus is so much prettier than anyone ever expects of a big city university.

2. And gives fuel to the rumour that there are more trees in Birmingham than in Paris.

We don’t know if this is 100% true because we’ve never counted. The important thing is that there are definitely more trees at UoB than there are at most other universities.

#Winter #morning

A photo posted by Andrew Ginns (@a_ginnz) on

3. It’s stunning in all seasons.

4. Even when it snows.

A photo posted by Vivian Wu (@vivian__wu) on

5. The halls aren’t in a bad setting either.

Best view of Birmingham from the top of my halls #Chamberlain #Uni #Sunset

A photo posted by Ally Denman (@allydenman) on

6. Celebrations are never done by halves.

Did you enjoy the fireworks and the funfair last night at The Vale? 🎆 Credit: @marko_alexandre @dianeschellenberg @hammahazam

A photo posted by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on

7. And a good work/life balance is always promoted.

8. There is a train station actually on campus.


A photo posted by Amelie (@xiaoqiao_tc) on

9. And it only takes 7 minutes to escape to the city.

Hello Birmingham 🇬🇧 #birmingham #church #sunny #instamoment #picoftheday #traveler #travelgram #uk #beautifulyou #crewworld

A photo posted by Laura Bommelaere (@laura_bommelaere) on

10. But if you’re looking for inspiration closer to campus, Winterbourne is just across the road.

And it’s free to enter if you’re a UoB student.

In an English country garden! #daysinthesun

A photo posted by charlie_______________ (@charlie_______________) on

11. Or you can visit the Barber Institute for some peace and culture.

Art Gallery in The Barber Institute of Fine Arts #unibirmingham

A photo posted by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on

12. The architecture on campus is incredible.

It's really quiet on campus this week – just waiting for the students to restart on Monday and for the buzz to return! #hellobrum

A photo posted by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on

13. Especially the Great Hall.

The Great Hall is ready for our winter graduations starting this afternoon. Share your photos with us using the hashtag #uobgraduation

A photo posted by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on

14. You can work in places like this:

Shh don't tell everyone but Emily's found a quiet spot on campus! Thanks for the lovely shot @emilygre

A photo posted by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on

15. Or outside with views like this:

16. It’s so close to Cadbury World they sometimes bring free things onto campus.

17. Or you could make the short walk to Bournville and see it for yourself.

L'air chocolaté.

A photo posted by brightasthesea (@brightasthesea) on

18. But if you’re in the market for healthier produce, there’s a fruit and veg stall on campus.

Who is taking advantage of the fruit and veg stand on campus? Grab yourself a healthy revision snack!

A photo posted by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on

19. Sports are always worth watching.

20. As are the concerts in the Bramall Music Building.

What a great shot from last night's @UoBMS Chorus concert! #Regram from @jjodiey #bramallmusicbuilding #music #chorusconcert

A photo posted by Bramall Music Building (@thebramall) on

21. The university has its own deckchairs.

That's it for our October Open Day! We had a great time, we hope you all did too! #hellobrum

A photo posted by EPS, University of Birmingham (@myepslife) on

22. And its own resident Peregrine Falcon.

23. There’s plenty to discover in Birmingham itself.

Down the steps… ↘ cool shot by @lemisejaffar of the canal and The Cube ➕ #thisisbham

A photo posted by BIRMINGHAM, UK ( on

24. But being so central, it’s easy to travel to some other must-see locations, like Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Where you can visit Shakespeare’s house.

A photo posted by lily (@whereslily) on

25. Or Warwick Castle.

#warwickcastle #topview #tb #uk

A photo posted by Mahmut Zafer Aydın (@mzydn) on

26. It’s pretty much impossible to take a bad photo of campus.

27. Because, basically, Birmingham the best.

Absolutely stunning photo of campus at dusk yesterday from @thelovestrucktraveller

A photo posted by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on

28. And the Guild mermaid couldn’t care less if you disagree.

Mermaid at school

A photo posted by CindyM (@cindymen6) on

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