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24 Things You’ll Really Miss About The University of Birmingham When You Graduate

It probably doesn’t seem like all that long ago since you were saying #hellobrum back in first year, but before you know it time will be up and you’ll suddenly realise how much you’re going to miss UoB.

1. Pretty much everything about campus.

Uni looking decent #UoB #summer

A photo posted by Emily Evans (@eemily_evans) on

2. Especially Old Joe.

A familiar sound on campus! #oldjoe 🕒

A video posted by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on

3. Never again will you work in rooms with such a view.

A window in to @unibirmingham 🏛

A photo posted by Umara-Hibah. (@yourstrulyumara) on

4. Nor will you love to hate a building as much as this one.

#uob #photosocuob #birminghamlife#ilovebirmingham #universityofbirmingham

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5. This place on a Saturday night.

fab fab fab

A photo posted by Lily Marie (@lilymariepedersen) on

6. And this one.


A photo posted by ✌🏻️💋 (@anabanciu) on

7. You’ll even miss living here.

8. Even if it’s just for the comedy value.

9. Besides, it doesn’t always look bad.

Selly Oak #UoB #Birmingham #Brum

A photo posted by Jordan Cadman-Rivers (@j.cadmanrivers) on

10. Being led astray in Selly.

Lurus ke kampus, kiri ke pub. Pilih mana?

A photo posted by rahma sari (@rahmasari12) on

11. This place. 🙌

12. And knowing you’re only a short walk from this one.

#vsco #vscolondon #vscocam

A photo posted by ƙ ƴ ℓ α (@x.hzky) on

13. Strolls along the canal.

Sunny canal walks give u a good Thursday feeling

A photo posted by Alex (@alexfcarmichael) on

14. Or around Winterbourne.

15. This guy.

16. And this one.

17. The 👌 food on campus.

Lamb kofta flatbread was toooo good #streetfood #revisionfuel

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18. Just look at it.


University Challenge🌚

A photo posted by choco酱 (@mmiminmingg) on

19. Events like this.

20. Making the most of the sun here.

Bham may not have a beach but it does have The Vale.

Actually missing Bham 🙈

A photo posted by Kate Murphy (@katemurphy_26) on

21. Or here.

Lucky to live so close to the Lickeys ❤

A photo posted by Sandie Wilkes (@goldflingher) on

22. You’ll even miss this beaut of a hall.

Exams are finally finished 🎉

A photo posted by Alice Marsh (@alice_marsh96) on

23. #byebyebrum

Last walk across campus. Bye Joe 👋🏻 #homein5days

A photo posted by Laura Fryer (@laura_fry95) on

24. We’ll miss you. 😭😭😭

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