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28 Tweets About Uni Houses That Will Make You Glad You’re Going Home For Christmas

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need… and it’s to get out of this uni house.

1. First of all, they are absolutely freezing.

2. Literally so cold.

3. It’s ridiculous.

4. You could turn the heating up, but is it worth the drama?

5. This is no way to live.

6. It’s a wonder you’re still alive really.

7. Then there are all the uninvited guests.

8. Really they ought to be paying rent.

9. Why won’t they just leave?

10. Probably doesn’t help that no one ever takes the bin out.

11. Like, ever.

12. Why use a bin when you can live like this?

13. Bins are overrated anyway, right?

14. Do you know what else is overrated? Fully-functioning appliances.

15. Who needs them?

16. It’s not like you’re paying for the privilege to live there or anything.

17. Water? Don’t need it.

18. WiFi? That’s a luxury you can complete your degree without.

19. At least you have all those club flyers and takeaway leaflets though.

20. And at least you love each and every one of your housemates. Right?

21. They’re so easy to live with.

22. So. Easy.

23. And have never given you a reason to distrust them.

24. It’s no palace, but at least your bedroom’s nice, right?

25. Not too shabby.

26. In fact, the whole house is just generally a great place to live.

27. And doesn’t make you miss home.

28. At all. 😅

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