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31 First World Problems Every University Graduate Has To Endure

It’s hard being a graduate. 😭😭😭

1. Having to move back home with your parents and give up your independence.

2. Which means sleeping in either your old teenage room which makes you feel like you’ve gone backwards in life…

3. Or what is now a “spare room / gym” and feeling like your parents have betrayed you.

4. Not being able to eat what you want when you want. 

5. Having to accept that you no longer qualify for student discount.

6. Wondering why unemployed graduate discount is not a thing because if anything you need it more now than ever.

7. Wanting to prove you’re capable of being an adult but also wanting to avoid as much responsibility as possible.

8. Thinking your degree alone qualifies you for a graduate job.

9. Or that you’d stand out from the crowd, only to remember that thousands of others also took your course.

10. Having to explain your aspirations to people when you barely know what you want to do yourself. 



11. Discovering that the deadline for grad schemes had passed before you even knew what a grad scheme was.

12. Feeling happy that your university wants to stay in touch until you realise they just want your money.

13. Going from seeing your uni friends every day to never again.



14. Needing to start looking for a job but not knowing where to begin.

15. Finding loads of vacancies but none that actually sound like something you could do.

16. Realising you’re overqualified for your old job but under-qualified for pretty much everything else.

17. Constantly being asked by Facebook what your job is.

18. And reminded of how long ago uni memories that seem like yesterday were.

19. Wanting a well-paid job but also not wanting to have to start paying back your student loan straight away.

20. Spending all day perfecting a job application only to immediately receive an automated rejection email.

21. Worrying about being either too smart or too casual for an interview.

22. Working on your CV for ages only to then have to manually fill in loads of application forms asking for the same information.



23. Never getting any experience because no one will give you a job because you don’t have experience.

24. Or being told they found someone more suitable but the job is still being advertised.

25. Not being able to go and “find yourself” like everyone else because you don’t have enough money to travel.



26. So you just have to sit at home and like everyone else’s Asia photos.

27. Wondering if anyone is ever going to ask for actual proof of your degree or whether you could’ve just saved yourself £27,000.

28. Being asked never ending questions about where your life is going. 

29. And feeling under pressure to find a job but also make the most of being “young and free”.

30. Feeling jealous of anyone who gets a job before you but having to like their status anyway just in case you jinx your own future.

31. And ultimately knowing that as much as you want and need a job, you also just want to chill forever. 



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