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40% of Graduates Say University Didn’t Prepare Them For The Working World

According to a survey by sales recruitment specialist Pareto Law, 40% of graduates feel university didn’t teach them the skills needed for the working world.

Just under 500 graduates took part in the survey focused on graduate working life, the majority of whom think that universities “need to focus on equipping students with the commercial skills valued by businesses.”

82% of those surveyed said they feel employers have higher expectations of graduates than ever, with 87% agreeing that more needs to be done to help graduates meet those expectations.

Of course, this is subjective to the degree you’ve chosen and the career you’re aiming for, and it should also be said that many students don’t choose to do a degree with the sole intention of acquiring the skills needed for a graduate job.

However, whatever your degree, you’ll know that it’s not unreasonable to assume that it will at least partly qualify you for a graduate role, especially considering the cost of tuition fees.

Unfortunately though, the survey also highlights that 62% of the graduates think their degree ultimately wasn’t worth the money.

It seems that both graduates and their potential employers assume that higher education prepares them for the working world much more than it appears to be doing.

The good news is that, in spite of everything, 62% of the graduates say they’re optimistic about their future career prospects.

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Has your degree prepared you for the working world?

  • Yes, it's taught me everything I need to know
  • I don't know everything, but I feel OK about the future
  • Not really. I agree that more needs to be done
  • No, but I don't think it's the university's responsibility
  • That's not why I chose to do a degree

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