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A Nazi Swastika And “Rights For Whites” Sign Have Been Found at The University of Exeter

The University of Exeter has launched an investigation after a swastika was found carved into a door and a “Rights for Whites” sign was discovered on another.

In a report by Exeposé, it was revealed that a Nazi swastika was found carved into a door in the university’s Birks Grange halls, while the “Rights for Whites” sign, accompanied by a drawing of a union flag, was found on a student’s door across campus in Llewellyn Mews.

The discovery follows reports from last term that students were seen wearing t-shirts with racist and anti-Semitic writing on them at a sports social. One t-shirt slogan read “Don’t speak to me if you’re not white” and another “The Holocaust was a good time”.

The graffiti and sign have since both been removed and an urgent investigation is now under way. A spokesperson for the University of Exeter has said that although conclusions are yet to be drawn, initial enquiries suggest it was “an ill-judged, deeply offensive joke on the students’ part, parodying a sketch in a TV comedy show.”

The spokesperson went on to say: “The university believes any form of racist or discriminatory behaviour is unacceptable and the actions of those involved are in contrast to the vast majority of students, who help to build our tolerant and inclusive university community.”

The incident at Exeter follows several reports of anti-Semitic behaviour at various universities across the UK.

Last week, the same flyers referencing the film Denial about the High Court case between Holocaust-denying historian David Irving and university professor Deborah E Lipstadt, were found to have been distributed at the University of Cambridge, University College London, Glasgow University and Edinburgh University.

The universities in question have all condemned the leaflets and the relevant police forces have been made aware of the incidents.

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