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A Student Has Started a Petition To Get The Price of VKs at Cardiff University SU Lowered To £1

A student at Cardiff University has started a petition concerning something very close to many students’ hearts: the price of VKs at his Students’ Union. After discovering that the drink is more expensive at Cardiff University’s SU than it is at Bristol’s, Tokes Sawyerr started a petition on to get the price lowered.

The petition, which will be delivered to Cardiff University Students’ Union, calls for the price of a VK to be lowered from £2.60 to £1.

It reads: “It is mental how much VK’s cost in the SU- £2.60!!! At Bristol they cost £1!!! This is meant to be a student bar and the SU is a non profit organisation!! Where is the money going?!?” [sic]

In a letter attached to the petition, he further questions how a non-profit organisation can justify charging such an “outrageous” price when the drink can be bought for so much cheaper elsewhere. // Tokes Sawyerr // Tokes Sawyerr

Cardiff students have been quick to offer their support for the petition.

At the time of writing, and only 16 hours after the petition was started, only 54 more signatures are needed for it to reach its 1,000 signature target.

Here are just some of the reasons for signing.





If you want to offer your support to the petition, you can find it here.

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