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Everyone’s Favourite University Challenge Contestant Is Back On TV Tonight

If you made any plans for this evening, cancel them. Immediately.

The legend that is Monkman is back. 

It’s the University Challenge final tonight between Balliol College Oxford and Wolfson College Cambridge and we are excited. Not because it’s the final, not even because Jeremy Paxman is bound to be at his sassy, scornful best, but because Eric Monkman will be making his return as captain for the Cambridge team.



If you’ve been keeping up with this season of University Challenge, you’ll know that Monkman is arguably one of the best contestants the show has ever had. He’s not just an indescribably intelligent human, scoring 120 of his team’s 170 points in the semi-final against Emmanuel College Cambridge, he also pulls some of the greatest, most passionate facial expressions ever – ever – while firing away his answers.

People love him so much that #Monkmania is now a thing.

There’s fan art and everything.

This guy even said he loves Monkman more than his children. 


The anticipation for tonight’s final is real.

Some people have even forgotten to be upset that it’s Monday.

Everyone’s just glad that Monkman’s back in their lives.

And looking forward to seeing how on fire he’s going to be in this year’s UC final.

Good luck, Monkman. 🙏🙏🙏

(and everyone else, obviously 👀)

Is Monkman the best University Challenge contestant ever?

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University Challenge is on BBC2 tonight at 8pm.

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