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Here Are The 11 Best Universities In The UK For Graduate Employability

Eleven of the UK’s universities have made it into the top 100 of the Global University Employability Ranking 2016. The results, published by Times Higher Education, are based on a survey of employability at 150 institutions worldwide completed by top international recruiters.

Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College London ranked the most highly in the UK, with King’s College London and Manchester also performing well.

Aside from studying at any of the following universities, the survey found that the majority of recruiters consider the most employable graduates to have “professional experience” and a “high degree of specialisation”.

Here are the 11 UK universities considered by recruiters as “the best in the world when it comes to graduate employability”.

1. University of Cambridge

4th out of 100

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2. University of Oxford

7th out of 100

3. Imperial College London

11th out of 100

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4. King’s College London

23rd out of 100

My first visit to my University #kcl #kingscollegelondon #london

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5. University of Manchester

24th out of 100

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6. University of Edinburgh

32nd out of 100

Post grad open day Edinburgh Uni #edinburgh #uni #doigoback

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7. London School of Economics and Political Science

45th out of 100

8. University College London

48th out of 100

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9. University of Bristol

84th out of 100

My home town 😍 #Bristol

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10. University of Birmingham

90th out of 100

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11. University of Nottingham

93rd out of 100


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You can view the complete rankings here.

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