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If You Want To Enjoy Your Course, Study at One of These 10 Universities

If you’ve ever been to university, you’ll know that choosing a course you thought you liked the sound of is no guarantee of actually enjoying it.

There’s an endless list of reasons why you might, by the end of your degree, feel less than satisfied with the course you chose. It could be down to the quality of the teaching, the module content, or you might just find that you’ve fallen out of love with the subject.

Every year the National Student Survey (NSS) monitors exactly this, asking final year students to provide feedback on how satisfied they are with the overall quality of their course.

Taking the results from this, The Guardian University Guide  has ranked UK universities according to the percentage of students who said they were satisfied with their course to see which universities performed the best.

Here are the top 10.

1. University of St. Andrews

Score: 94.9

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2. Keele University

Score: 93.2

3. Aberystwyth University

Score: 92.6

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4. University of East Anglia

Score: 91.4

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=5. University of Lincoln

Score: 90.6

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=5. Coventry University

Score: 90.6

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7. University of Newcastle

Score: 90.3

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8. University of Leeds

Score: 90.1

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9. University of Surrey

Score: 90.0

10. Queen’s University Belfast

Score: 89.9

You can view the rest here.

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